One year into my private practice, I’m sitting in my hip office on Division Street. I’ve got my corduroy blazer on, a client sprawled out on the couch, my lower body numb from sitting in a chair all day, and we are talking about feeling disconnected from life. In that moment I thought to myself, ‘this isn’t how I imagined it’ as I realized I was straight out of a stereotypical scene of what talk therapy looks like.

While working as a wilderness therapy guide in Idaho, I developed a passion and a belief in the healing benefits from being in the natural environment. Conversing about life’s challenges seemed more manageable when outdoors. So I wondered as I sat inside my confined office, why not infuse my urban practice with a taste nature’s tonic?

GroundPDX is the outcome of these musings. More importantly, Ground is an opportunity. Ground is a garden-oasis within an urban setting. A place to connect with nature, while exploring the challenges brought on by the human experience. Ground is a process, where the work towards well-being can go beyond the couch and into the forest, walking among the trees. Ground is an offering to explore the way we connect to ourselves, the people we love, and the world around us.