Individual Therapy

As a Marriage, Couple, & Family Therapist by title, I am often asked, “Do you provide individual therapy too?” The answer is “YES!”  Family Therapy means that the approach to the problem – regardless of whether it is with an individual, couple, or family – is holistic and explores the context of your life. Essentially this means that all your relationships are believed to be extremely significant to how your mental health is today.

Individual therapy focuses on the emotional experience of your life. We examine how relationships, all your relationships -to self, family, friends, culture, environment, and so on-  and how they have worked toward shaping who you are. By establishing an awareness of the context you live within, specifically the different systems you are a part of, a clearer perspective can be gained.

Once a clearer perspective is established, we collaboratively start creating healthier ways to relate to yourself individually, and as result to others around you. The core to all the work is the way you first relate to yourself. So yes, individuals are welcome.

You may benefit from individual therapy if you experience:
  • A struggle with communication and emotional expression in relationships
  • The desire to have more mindful ways to relate with self and others
  • A seeking to deepen your relationship and connection with nature
  • Difficulty navigating life’s transitions
  • Working through grief and loss
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, and/or depression
  • Career development
  • Challenges with intimacy and those you love