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In a city, it can be difficult to have and maintain a relationship with nature. Portland is fortunate to be nestled within a natural setting. The largest park within city limits frames our western horizon. The mighty Willamette River splits through the middle of the city. Even more remote natural areas exist within a short drive outside of the city. Nevertheless, it is still easy to lose sight of these facts.

Groundpdx invites you to take part in a nature-based therapy offering in the urban setting. The yurt is set in a garden, offering an innovative and sensory client experience. The therapeutic work starts as you meander through the plants and under the trees into the yurt. Breath the aroma of tulsi basil, pinch a sprig of lavender, run your hands through the soil, or simply take in the soothing of the setting alone. Gardens have a plethora to offer, from metaphorical richness to direct healing benefits. Therapeutic gardens have been utilized in a variety of clinical settings, from hospitals to rehabilitation centers

We can take a short 5-minute walk from the yurt and be on a trail. Within minutes you can take in the sights and sounds of nature. Hearing the song of birds, watching a beaver swim in the water, and feeling refreshed from moving step-by-step on the trail. Conversation can flow as the body moves. While our society becomes more disconnected from nature, Ground provides an oasis within the city to be engaged in nature in a mindful way in order to improve your well-being.

Crystal Springs Creek – 5 minute walk from GroundPDX