Men’s Health in Portland, Oregon

Fatherhood, Relationships, & Career

Although men have historically held positions of power in most cultures, it has come with a serious cost for their well-being and many others. Do you know that men are more likely to live a shorter and more unhealthy life than their counterparts? Did you know that men die by suicide 3.5x more than women? The traditional way of “being a man”–tough it out, grin and bear it, bottle it up– is taking a major toll on men’s health. Most men have been influenced by societal/patriarchal messages that encourage a separation from emotion, poor self-care, and struggles with mindful communication. I work with men to expand this narrative and to become healthier as individuals, fathers, partners, and workers.

I work with men of all kinds in order to move towards a healthier way of being. Whether you are struggling in your relationship, feeling stuck in your career, entering into fatherhood, or just looking to live in a healthier way, I am here for you.

We will collaborate to:

  • Closely examine your personal narrative on masculinity
  • Find healthier coping strategies
  • Learn tools for communicating openly
  • Challenge traditional norms in order to expand into a modern man
  • Create goals and objectives aimed at becoming the man you want to be