Individual Therapy

Working together to build awareness of how you show up to your life. Are you present? Could you be more mindful? How could you deepen your relationships with loved ones? As a Portland licensed therapist, these are the conversations we explore from the healing space of a yurt over a cup of herbal tea, harvested from the garden outside during individual therapy.

Couples Counseling

Intimate relationships can be hard! Great intention is required to stay connected and communicating at healthy levels. Every partnership could benefit from an opportunity to collaborate on becoming a more solid unit. GroundPDX offers the chance to have meaningful conversation with your partner through couples counseling, while developing skills to bring more wellness to the relationship.

Family Therapy

A family is like a garden. An arrangement of different organisms sharing a space and a life. All needing attention and unique tending. At Ground, we nurture the family with an utmost of care, while working towards finding a healthy existence for each part, individually and collectively.

Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy

Ecopsychology is the study of the human connection with nature. Ecotherapy or “nature therapy” is the process of using the natural world in therapy. Humans have evolved from nature, resulting in a deep connection to nature within all of us. Strengthening this connection with nature can play a valuable role in improving our mental health. As an “urban ecotherapist”, I have set out to create a nature-inspired therapy setting within the city. I offer forest bathing, nature prescriptions, walks in the park, and more.